Gensons in America


his web site is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Richard Genson's descendants in the United States. Richard arrived with his parents from England around 1763, settling in the colony of Massachusetts. At the age of fifteen he ran away from home to join the continental army. His parents were loyal supporters of King George and were bitterly disappointed in him. It is believed that they returned to England leaving Richard in the Americas by himself. He is known to have served in the revolutionary war but there is a question about what unit he served in. There is a listing in the U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783 of a private in the 5th company, 2nd artillery regiment of the Continental Army under the name of Richard Jenson. There is also a listing of a Richard Ginson in "New York in the Revolution" which has him listed in the 2nd Artillery Regiment and also in the NY Levies under the command of Coronel Lewis Dubois which were stationed in Fort Klock NY very close to Richard's eventual residence in Butternuts, NY which is now Gilbertsvile, NY. These are common misspellings of the Genson name. Because both references have Richard serving in the 2nd Artillery regiment it's possible that they refer to the same person.


I am interested in obtaining electronic copies of any pictures, stories or documents that anyone would like to share with our extended Genson family. I am especially interested in documents that can verify the genealogy information that I have on this web site. Since most of this information was accumulated via the internet, I have no way of verifying it's authenticity. You can contact me by email at

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